Building low budget ($50) Underwater house for video camera.


This is a simple way of building a under water house. Just get a plexi tube, and glue sides on :) In real life this is really complicated mathematically, but the simple way is for every mm (millimeter) in the side of pipe, is equivalent to about 1 meter (3 ft) of water pressure. So side thckness 10 mm will make house survive down to 30 ft. BUT!!!!! this is where it breaks. If you want to be on the safe side use factor 2 or 3 so just calculate with half this depth. ... and test without camera is also good idea ;)


The backside is made from laced nylon on 2 parts with a screw strait through. Between in a o-ring and the nylon have a small slope where the O-ring is. So when the water is pushing on the outside it will only make the seal tighter. To stop water from leaking in, I just glued on a plastic cap.

Back side blueprint.

Testing using the Sony HDV HC-1 camera.

Later this house was used during filming in the ocean outside Kenya Africa, Vancouver Canada, and Kamtjaktka Russia, and worked perfectly. The down side is that when shooting in cold water, the air inside shrinks, and the nylon plug gets really hard to remove.

..and if you like it to handle unlimited pressure (500 meter or more) fill tube with clear transparent electronic fire superssion liquid. The elctronics like that just as nornal air, but you need a lens to compensate the higher refaction index then air.

No air = no stress in material = unlimited depth :)